Desilo Data Clean Room
Desilo Data Clean Room sets data free from silos for fast and easy joining and analysis of data sets with homomorphic encryption - an innovative cryptographic technology allowing computations to be done directly on encrypted data.
What is Homomorphic Encryption?
Homomorphic Encryption
Discover Insights in Three Steps. Data remains secure at all times.
1. Select Data Source

1. Select Data Source

Select data sources and link tables.
2. Build Query

2. Build Query

Build your query with filter and grouping conditions.
3. Show Result

3. Show Result

Check the results.
Simplify the data process by eliminating manual data handling steps.
Approach Comparison
All the SQL Analytics
Encrypted Data
Flexible Deployment Options
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
On-premise Cloud
Data Quality-Preserving, Compliant and Convenient
Highest Data QualityHomomorphic encryption allows data to be joined and analyzed without loss of information, through secure use of unique identifiers.
Regulation-CompliantAll information, including personally-identifiable information (PII), remains secret.
Streamlined Data CollaborationAnalytics is executed on-demand. No need for repeated, per-request deliberation.
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