DESILO Liberates Data from Silos Securely and Seamlessly
DESILO shapes the future of secure and seamless data collaboration. DESILO aspires to pioneer privacy-enhancing technologies and establish a secure environment for sensitive data.
DESILO is at the frontier of privacy-enhancing technologies.
  • Jul
    Selected for KDB NextONE program
  • Jul
    Co-Hosted Big Contest competition
  • May
    Secured bridge funding
    Schmidt, LG Electronics
  • May
    Selected for Collaboration Program with Global Companies
    The Microsoft-Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MS-MSS) program
  • Apr
    Signed an MOU with EVIDNET
  • Oct
    Signed an MOU with Begas
  • Oct
    Joined Global R&D Collaboration project by Institute for Information & Communication Technology Promotion (IITP)
  • Oct
    Selected for NVIDIA’s Inception Program for Startups
  • Aug
    Selected as the Hana Bank data platform provider
  • Aug
    Signed an MOU with Cornami Intelligent Computing
  • Jul
    Joined the MPC Alliance membership
  • Jun
    Won Privacy-Enhancing Technology Startup Challenge grant
  • Apr
    Joined the Global Data Privacy Technology Research by Institute for Information & Communication Technology Promotion (IITP)
  • Mar
    Selected for SW High Growth Club
  • Nov
    Selected as a Hana 1Q Agile Lab member
  • Oct
    Selected for KOREA AI START UP 100
  • Jul
    Secured Series-A funding
  • Feb
    Signed an MOU with Common Computer
  • Dec
    Won 1st place at iDASH 2020 Secure Genome Analysis Competition
  • Sep
    Selected for TIPS program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS)
  • Jul
    Developed a COVID-19 monitoring solution using homomorphic encryption
  • May
    Secured seed investment from NAVER D2SF and BonAngels
  • Feb
    Founded DESILO
DESILO is on a mission to build a world without compromises between data utility and data protection.
Seungmyung Lee
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Seungmyung is an entrepreneur, an AI engineer, and a mathematician at heart. A gold medalist at the 45th International Mathematics Olympiad, he seeks to apply his mathematical prowess into building a product that would serve the common good. He leads DESILO with the vision that data should flow free and be utilized everywhere. Before co-founding DESILO, Seungmyung was a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Streami, one of Korea’s top five cryptocurrency exchanges. He holds an MS in Financial Mathematics, a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Economics from Stanford University.
Howard Park
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder
Howard is a multidisciplinary thinker and a strategist. At DESILO, His focus is on finding the product-market fit between privacy-enhancing technologies and the industry. Before co-founding DESILO, Howard worked with Seungmyung at Streami as Head of Strategy and Product Manager. He holds an MA in Philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) and a BA in Philosophy from Sungkyunkwan University. He also studied computer engineering at University of Waterloo.
Yongdae An
Chief Data Scientist
Yongdae is a data scientist with an eye for business opportunities and applications. At DESILO, he is building the research and analysis framework necessary for the application and commercialization of the unique technologies of DESILO. Before joining DESILO, Yongdae did data analysis and business planning at Hyundai Heavy Industries. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering with a Specialty in Data Mining and Machine Learning from Seoul National University, and a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).
Donghoon Yoo
Chief Research Officer
Donghoon comes from more than 18 years of research experience in cryptography and high performance computing. At DESILO, he leads research and related software development on various privacy-enhancing technologies with a focus on homomorphic encryption, in an effort to develop distinguished products and achieve technological leadership. Before joining DESILO, Donghoon was at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) as a Research Master, a position granted to most distinguished researchers at the institute, working on privacy preserving computing and high performance computing. At SAIT, he built and led the homomorphic encryption research team, spearheading one of the frontier projects of the institute. He holds PhD in ICT Engineering from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST).
Joo Hyung Lee
Chief Technology Officer
Joo Hyung is an engineer commited to create value from data. At DESILO, he builds systems that enable utilization of valuable yet sensitive data. He believes that software development is a team effort, and strives to build a productive and growing team. Before DESILO, Joo Hyung worked as a machine learning engineer in various domains including finance, trading, smartphone, and search engines. At Google, he worked as a software engineer to developed various data systems, including TensorFlow and Google Assistant. He holds PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and BS in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University.
A sneak peek at DESILO
DESILO CEO Seungmyung Lee
Pseudonymized data with homomorphic encryption
DESILO CEO Seungmyung Lee