A Secure and Open Data Ecosystem
Data collaboration in a zero-trust environment
DESILO Data Clean Room connects data sellers with data buyers, lifting the hurdles of data transactions.
Prevent data leakage/breach with homomorphic encryption
Data collaboration in a zero-trust environment
Set up anywhere you want - cloud or on-premise
Siloed Data Assets
De-siloed Encrypted Data
SQLlike Queries
Encrypted Query Results
Decrypted Analytic Results
Data provider
Data analyst
* Encrypted query results are decrypted through the approval of all the data providers involved with DCR.
Data Clean Room
for data analysts!
Analyze sensitive data and produce actionable results - on demand. Waste no time with bureaucracy.
Data Analysis
Query Generation
Data Sourcing
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Data Analysis
Discover analytical insights in a secure environment with rigorous data governance.
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Propose a personalized risk management model by analyzing homomorphically encrypted financial activity data in order to identify individual risk factors.
Health Care
Develop a solution for predictive wellness assistance by combining homomorphically encrypted genomic data and environmental indicators.
Query Generation
Generate SQL queries for data analysis with just a few clicks
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Data Sourcing
Dramatically save time at all stages of data sourcing
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* Above illustrates an exemplary case based on data collaboration processes in general; the actual duration of each stage may vary by case.
Stay safe - homomorphic encryption protects every piece of raw information.
Data Clean Room
for data providers!
Provide and manage your data assets in a breeze - data privacy comes built-in.
Protect Data Assets
New Revenue Stream
Simplify Data Admin
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Protect Data Assets
Protect your data assets with rigorous data governance polices
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Minimum aggregation thresholds
Data providers can choose minimum aggregation thresholds for each data asset, preventing the release of the analytic results if the number of rows involved with the relevant computation is less than the chosen threshold. Minimum aggregation thresholds help protect their data from the risk of identification.
Matching key settings
Data providers may add security to their data assets by setting each column to serve as a matching key only. Matching keys may only be used for combining data assets, further protecting personally identifiable information.
Monetize data for a new revenue stream
A whole new approach to data monetization. Enable a wider access. All made possible with a secure environment.
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Health care
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Real estate
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Public sector
My data assets
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Simplify data supply management
Quick and easy installation. A simple interface for data administrators.
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