Toward a Data-Centric World Never Compromise Privacy
We shape the future of secure data collaboration.
PET Application
Algorithm Optimization
Cryptographic Library
Hardware Acceleration
Data Clean Room
for data analysts!
Access highly sensitive, hard-to-reach information - 100% data quality intact.
One secure hub for connecting data silos
Analyze sensitive data from multiple parties in real-time on a web-based platform.
Select data asset
Easy-to-use interface for all levels of data proficiency
Choose between interactive workflows or SQL scripts - or even switch between the two at any time.
Various statistics
A broad range of statistical functions
All your analytic needs are covered - from elementary statistics to advanced analysis.
Query creation process
Data Clean Room
for data providers!
Build a data supply platform in a breeze - privacy comes built-in.
Create data assets in a heartbeat
Upload raw data and add descriptions in a user-friendly GUI environment.
* Currently supports CSV; other formats coming soon.
Data asset upload and edit
Powerful security settings are just a click away
Set minimum aggregation thresholds or off-limits columns for customized data sensitivity control.
Strong security
Frequently Asked Questions
Data analyst
How can I start using DESILO Data Clean Rooms?
Which types of data can I access and analyze?
Are there any restrictions on query executions?
Data provider
Will I be able to generate profit by storing my data asset on DESILO DCR?
What does DESILO Data Clean Room do to protect data assets?
Can I upload huge datasets?
Will I be able to see how often my data asset is queried?
What does PET stand for?
What does "DESILO" mean?
DESILO’s Investors
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DESILO’s Partners
Our partners are paving the way to pioneer the PET industry.
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