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    Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

    Data-Oriented Technologies,

    with Zero Compromise on Data Privacy


    The advent of data analytics and AI opened a new chapter in history, but the new issue of data privacy came with them.

    Data industry and data privacy appear irreconcilable, but we dream of a world where both of these values are upheld.

    Desilo strives to resolve this dilemma, not with human-dependant regulation or politics, but via pure technology.

    Digital Property Protection


    Businesses wish to utilize the valuable data they possess for various purposes, but are wary of data leakage in the meantime. The collaboration with a third party especially entails high risk and vulnerability. Secure computation is the perfect solution here.

    Privacy Safeguard

    People now enjoy a variety of personalized services based on their characteristics, but at the same time, find it hard to control their private information being collected and used by numerous third parties. Secure computation enables personalized services without the risk of privacy leakage.

    Regulatory Compliance


    From the perspective of regulators, data utilization and data privacy protection are both indispensible values. Secure compuation solves this dilemma with technology so that we don't have to compromise either.

    Homomorphic Encryption


    This new cutting-edge technology makes it possible to utilize data without revealing

    sensitive information, introducing new opportunities to data-oriented businesses.

    There are still obstacles against making use of this technological advance, such as

    the incompatibility with the existing industry-standard AI toolkits.

    The mission of Desilo is to bridge such gap so as to achieve data utilization without compromising data privacy.


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    Hakdong-Ro 50 Gil 34, 2F

    Gangnam-gu, Seoul






    [email protected]

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